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Copper Processing CAS 16721-80-5 Flaky Solid NaSH

Minimum Order Quantity : 20000kg Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : 25KGS/PE Bag Delivery Time : 15 work days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 2000000kg
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: JH China
Certification: OEM Model Number: Aerofloat

Detail Information 16721-80-5 Main Property: 70% Solid Flake
Use: Used In Copper Processing Name: NaSH
Relative Molecular Mass: 56.06 Chemical Category: Inorganic Substance--sodium Salt
Store: Store In A Sealed Dry
High Light:

CAS 16721-80-5


Flaky Solid NaSH


Sodium Hydrosulfide

Product Description

 NaSH with cas number 16721-80-5 is a flaky solid


Colorless needle-like crystals. Deliquescence. At the melting point, hydrogen sulfide is liberated. Easily soluble in water and alcohol. The aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. It reacts with acid to generate hydrogen sulfide. Bitter taste. Used in the dye industry to synthesize organic intermediates and to prepare auxiliaries for the preparation of sulfur dyes, in the leather industry for dehairing and tanning of hides, in the chemical fertilizer industry to remove monomer sulfur in activated carbon desulfurizers, and in the mining industry for copper It is used for sulphurous acid dyeing in ore dressing and man-made fiber production. It is the raw material for the manufacture of semi-finished products of ammonium sulfide and pesticide ethyl mercaptan. It is also used for wastewater treatment. It is obtained by absorbing hydrogen sulfide gas from alkali sulfide or caustic soda solution.



Copper Processing CAS 16721-80-5 Flaky Solid NaSH 0

Chinese name: Sodium Hydrosulfide

Chinese synonyms: acidic sodium sulfide; sodium hydrosulfide (70%); sodium hydrosulfide; sodium hydrosulfide (NAHS, XH2O); sodium hydrogen sulfide; sodium hydrogen sulfide anhydrous;

English synonyms: hidrosulfurosodics; hydrogenosulfuredesodium(french);hydrogenosulfuredesodium,anhydre;hydrogenosulfuredesodium,dihydrate;hydrogensodiumsulfide;sodiumhydrogensulfide(nahs);sodiumhydrosulfide(na(hs));sodiumhydrosulfide,anhydrous;

Mol file: 16721-80-5.mol;

CAS NO: 16721-80-5;

EINECS number: 240-778-0.

. Collapse edit this paragraph Physical properties.

Appearance and properties: white to colorless cubic crystals with the smell of hydrogen sulfide; industrial products are generally in solution, orange or yellow.

Melting point (℃): 52.54

Relative density (water = 1): 1.79

Flash point (℃): 90

Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, etc.
hidrosulfurosodics;hydrogenosulfuredesodium(french);hydrogenosulfuredesodium,anhydre;hydrogenosulfuredesodium,dihydrate;hydrogensodiumsulfide;sodiumhydrogensulfide(nahs);sodiumhydrosulfide(na(hs));sodiumhydrosulfide,anhydrous; Mol文件:16721-80-5.mol; CAS NO:16721-80-5; a quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed.
the squirrel has a store of food
supply stock stockpile reserve cache hoard accumulation cumulation quantity pile heap load fund bank pool mine wealth deposit reservoir inventory repertoire repertory amassment supplies provisions stocks rations food foodstuffs comestibles provender
keep or accumulate (something) for future use.
a small room used for storing furniture
 keep keep in reserve stow stockpile lay in/aside set aside put away put down put to one side deposit save hoard cache stock up with/on get in supplies of collect gather accumulate cumulate amass husband reserve preserve put away for a rainy day squirrel away salt away stash put into storage put in store stow (away) put away warehouse
supply amassment supplies comestibles garner storeroom still room
keep put away for a rainy day put into storage



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